February 11, 2019 Your Best Fit

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HOTWORX Vestavia

By Jennifer Frudaker

  • Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Les Mills Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • All Natural Figure Competitor
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790 Montgomery Hwy, #124
(205) 502-7511

HOTWORX is various exercises performed in infrared heat to maximize the most intense calorie burn and detox in the shortest amount of time. Exercises range from yoga, pilates, cycle, row, bands and more, and are directed by a virtual instructor in a space by yourself or with 2 or 3 more people.


Sweating profusely gave me a feeling of great accomplishment, and, coupled with knowing the 120-124 degrees of infrared heat detoxified my body from the inside out, was surprisingly refreshing. I can understand why people craved the heat. Another highlight was learning the variety of virtual classes offered! I had no idea HOTWORX had the options of rowing (you have to try this rower!), cycling, resistance bands (holy ouch!), isometrics, yoga, core, hot buns…shall I go on? There is also an area designated for weight training with a full rack of dumbbells, cable machine for additional resistance training, and functional equipment at your disposal.


I love how classes are every 15 minutes-24-hrs-a-day. So, it will work with everyone’s schedule. If music motivates you like it does me, I would recommend bringing headphones or a small Bluetooth speaker. This is approved by HOTWORX and implemented by most members. Come prepared with your favorite playlist or podcast to take your mind off the workout! Another takeaway was, if you’re in need of alone time, HOTWORX will be your jam! Can I get an amen from the moms? However, if you’re accustomed to typical group fitness scenario and thrive on a class full of people, there may be a momentary adjustment period until friendships are formed with other members. Lastly, the heat is adjustable so don’t let that deter you from trying!

This workout is geared toward you if...

HOTWORX can address all fitness levels - beginner to intermediate fitness level, or someone looking to add a convenient supplement to their current routine. This style of workout would likely work best for A) professionals whose careers require irregular shifts and parent(s) who need a class offered at all times (HOTWORX is secured and monitored with 24/7 access for members). B) Individuals with an injury or recovering from an injury. Nearly all classes are minimal-to-no impact. C) Self-motivators who can push themselves and don’t need a live instructor to ensure they’re getting the best workout.