May 13, 2019 Your Best Fit Battle Republic

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Battle Republic

By Jennifer Frudaker

  • Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Les Mills Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • All Natural Figure Competitor
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What type of exercise works best for you and your body? In each issue, Fitness Pro Jennifer Frudaker will explore various gyms and workout routines around town to help tell you what you need to know.

Battle Republic

2800 18th St S
(205) 307-0558


Battle Republic provides the option to get a heart rate monitor that will send an email, immediately after class, with the results from your workout. Before I got to my car, I knew the amount of calories I burned, my heart rate through class, and other stats. Definitely something that sets this workout apart!


We can all agree with science that resistance training is how to achieve those toned arms and legs we desperately want; however, not everyone ‘enjoys’ traditional resistance training. Battle Republic introduces resistance in a new way - through 190-pound, aqua bags. The black lights change with every round and half way through, when your lungs and shoulders are burning, there’s a time that allows your heart rate to (somewhat) come down while using bodyweight and kettle bell exercises. By the end of class, although your arms, shoulders and back will be toast, you won’t be able to help but walk with a little more swag.


The battle is not an angry battle. It is about tapping into the fighter we all have inside – fighting for yourself, fighting for stress relief, fighting for a better tomorrow, fighting for your friend(s) and family, etc. The battle is empowerment.

This workout is geared toward you if...

You’re a beginner and up. Lights are low, people have no time to be looking around, there is no kicking in the boxing sequences, and there is little-to-no jumping impact. Before you go, realize there is a slight learning curve, but you won’t always feel uncoordinated. The coaches carefully guide the class through set-up, proper safety stances and punching sequences. Private showers, heart rate monitors, towels for class, and gloves are provided.

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