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NEXUS Fitness

By Jennifer Frudaker

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What type of exercise works best for you and your body? In each issue, Fitness Pro Jennifer Frudaker will explore various gyms and workout routines around town to help tell you what you need to know.


West Homewood
187 Oxmoor Rd
(205) 757-3618

Nexus offers two types of workouts. On one side of the facility, they offer CrossFit, where they focus on technique and perform varied functional movements at a high-intensity. On the other side, they offer heart rate-based high-intensity interval training, which they call Xcel.


E N E R G Y. If I could only use one descriptive word from my experience at Nexus Fitness, this would be it. The coaches kept my attention, the class members encourage one another, and the gym as a whole buzzed with a contagious energy that drove me to work harder than I have in a while.


Nexus integrates two of the most challenging workout styles on the market, Crossfit and HIIT, under one roof. A wall to keep each class focused on the work-at-hand separates the two class options; however, members are encouraged to try either “side” of the gym. The technology was also a biggie. During the HIIT class, members’ heart rate monitors sync with a TV screen to ensure they’re working at their true potential and recovering quickly. The HIIT classes rotate through four stations. Cardio, using the TRUFORM which is a self-propelled treadmill; weights, using a “torpedo” (a combination of a dumbbell and kettlebell); TRX, body weight and functional movements; and the rowing circuit.

This workout is geared toward you if...

Fitness levels are intermediate to advanced. CrossFit has complex movements that require individualized coaching in the beginning. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and that is exactly what you’re going to get at Nexus. Variety and full-body fatigue are the name of the game and once you’ve established the fitness level, you won’t want to leave. If you are a beginner wanting to try a class, call ahead and speak to one of their helpful coaches, and if you’re stopping in, be sure to get there early. The best candidate for Nexus is someone who is not afraid of a challenge and thrives in group settings.

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