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October 18, 2019 Your Best Fit - Orange Theory Fitness

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Your Best Fit

Orange Theory Fitness

By Jennifer Frudaker

  • Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
  • Les Mills Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • All Natural Figure Competitor
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What type of exercise works best for you and your body? In each issue, Fitness Pro Jennifer Frudaker will explore various gyms and workout routines around town to help tell you what you need to know.

790 Montgomery HWY, STE 132
Phone: (205) 823-5700

117 20th Street South
Phone: (205) 716-2111

210 Inverness Corners
Phone: (205) 991-9700

Orange Theory was one of the first concept gyms to pop up, and it’s growth and success is no accident. Considered an intense but lower-impact workout, Orange Theory’s scientific formula of getting your heartrate in the ‘Orange Zone’ has been a huge success. Their motto of ‘guidance, not guesswork’ is designed to have their trainers ensure a personal formula for each person for real results.


Even on your most unmotivated day, you will feel like you got a great workout because every class incorporates weights, rowing and treadmill intervals. Some days are higher reps and longer sprints (endurance), while other days are focused on heavier weight, steep inclines, and quick bursts of ALL OUT sprints (strength). The science behind the Orange Zone is the heart of Orange Theory Fitness. What is the ‘Orange Zone’ and how do Orange Theory workouts use it? The ‘Orange Zone’ is 84 percent or higher of an individual’s max heart rate. OTF focuses on training intervals of 12-20 minutes within this zone, which results in an increase of approximately 20% calories burned for the next 24 hours. Not too shabby!


Orange Theory’s reputation precedes them but don’t be intimidated if you’ve never tried a class. If you’re as nervous about treadmills as I was, take a walker’s pace with a higher incline. Need little-to-no impact? There’s a bike you’re able to use. Unsure of technique? The coach reviews each movement prior and during the class. Before taking the class, I would have said OTF’s entry level would be intermediate. After taking a class, it is very accessible for the newbie gym goer while also allowing for growth in an advanced athlete.


I was greeted by a coach who asked the important questions. Such as: do you have any current or previous injuries? Have you taken 5 or fewer classes? Have you used this type of equipment before? Having been involved in a lot of areas within a gym, I loved this. a must for every gym.

Video by: Kristopher Broadhead