June 17, 2019 Unappreciated Wines


Perfect for the summer

Scott Atkinson, wine manager at the PIGGLY WIGGLY IN CRESTLINE, reccommends so of the most unappreciated wines that are perfect for summer.

It was thirty years ago, in 1989, when one of the most criminally underappreciated pop duos to ever record music perfect for summertime driving with the windows down burst onto the scene in these United States. Swedish legends Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson, better known as Roxette, never got their due. We have selected four underappreciated wines, inspired by Roxette’s music, which are perfect for summertime. So… click on Spotify, get some good grub, and enjoy these hidden gems as you rock out to ROXETTE! Image

Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco, Vecchia Modena

This is not your great-grandma’s Lambrusco. One of the great pairings of all time (like Roxette), Lambrusco & Salumi is perfect to kick off a great summer evening. It ain’t sweet. It is fruity, juicy, and simply lip-smackingly delicious. Pairs best with “Dangerous,” because they’ve both got what it takes to make ends meet.

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon

Big, bold, and unashamed, this is a California Cabernet for whatever red meat or pork you are grilling. Want something like Caymus, but would rather spend $20 than $90? We got you. The Wagner family makes Caymus, but they also make Bonanza for Caymus lovers who need a weeknight drinker. Pairs best with “Joyride,” because it rocks you like a baby.

La Nevera Rosado

Yes, we are recommending a boxed wine. And we are excited about it. Rose wines continue to be tremendous values, and this absolutely leads the pack. It is everything we want a rose to be; dry, fresh, clean, just enough fruit, not sweet, and versatile. Pairs best with “It Must Have Been Love,” because when the box it empty you will realize that it was all that you wanted, and now you’re living without.

Matanzas Creek Chardonnay

There’s a reason that Chardonnay is still the number one selling white wine in the US. Chardonnay can be versatile, tasty, a crowd-pleaser, and easy. This Matanzas Creek is all of those things and more. This one is nice with chicken, chicken salad, or just watching the sunset. Pairs best with “Listen to Your Heart,” because it is ok to love Chardonnay.