August 15, 2018 Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co. VIP Open House Photos by Kenzie Greer

We are excited to showcase our outstanding line of mattresses, iron beds, and accessories that has been a culmination of 103 years worth of knowledge and know how. We are Birmingham's oldest, most trusted, mattress company since 1915 and we are still learning new things. Not only are we excited about opening up our newest location in SoHo, we are even more excited to release our exclusive private line of mattresses called the "Heritage Series". The Heritage Series utilizes 4 generations worth of mattress industry knowledge and experience and combines it into one exclusive selection that is only for Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company. At the VIP Open House there were representatives from each company represented on our floor. Companies such as Heritage Sleep Concepts, Reverie, Park Place Corporation, and many more. Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company has humble roots from manufacturing and refurbishing mattresses from a dirt floor facility on the Ensley and Fairfield township lines in the early 1900s and is continuing it's commitment of quality, value, and tradition to this day. One thing is for certain, when you purchase from us you will be supporting a truly local company. We work hard to bring Birmingham and the surrounding areas the best mattresses at a great value no matter what the industry is doing. During our grand opening we did a mattress giveaway from our Exclusive Heritage Series mattress line up and other giveaways like a VIP experience with the Birmingham Baron's and more.

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