June 19, 2018 Beauty at Any Age

Beauty at Any Age

With age, comes beauty. As we grow older, we gain more self confidence and a truer connection to who we really are, which radiates. Beauty – at any age can be seamless with proper nutrition, lifestyle, self-care and choosing the right products for you.





The glory days for skin! Complexion is clearer, tone is good, and UV damage hasn’t yet made an appearance

Keep the skin clean & never skip sunscreen.

Remove your makeup – deep clean the skin without drying your complexion. Moisturize and WEAR SPF. Prevention is key in these years to avoid spending countless dollars on reversing sun damage at the cellular level.

Melt makeup with a oil cleanser, and cleanse with a Refreshing or Clarifyng Cleanser to remove impurities. Moisturize with a gentle lotion that helps restore the skin’s barrier overnight.

SECRET WEAPON – Clogged Pores? Keep them clean with a pore refining mask 1-2x weekly.

In your 20’s you definitely don’t need to over do it – especially with foundation — a tinted moisturizer is often enough to even your tone while keeping the finish fresh and youthful. A shimmery eye and glossy lip can take you from day to night by adding a little definition around the eyes for a striking evening look.




Our complexion remains taut, but sun damage, and hormonal influences may start to reveal themselves in the form of dark spots fine lines.

Reset the clock by adding Vitamin C to repel free radicals.

At night, remove makeup with an oil-based formula and follow up with a cleanser that rebalances skin’s moisture. Help erase the appearance of wrinkles with a retinol serum and moisturize with a rebuilding moisturizer.

SECRET WEAPON – Cell renewal. The importance of skin cell turnover is key. Adding in a resurfacing mask 1-2x week

The under eye area often becomes a concern for women in their 30s and heavy concealer or the wrong formula can make fine lines and dark circles even more obvious! Consider an illuminating eye cream or an eye brightener/corrector underneath your concealer to help mask dark circles without having to load on product.




Prevent deeper lines by boosting skin’s collagen production to help lift and plump the skin. Improve tone with an anti-aging serum and dark sports with a brightening serum. It’s also time to add a hydrating, rich eye cream to lessen the signs of crow’s feet.

SECRET WEAPON – Collagen. Get your collagen inside and out. Adding collagen, pre and probiotics supplements to your diet to fight aging.

We love bold brows at any age! Definitely avoid thin, sparse brows over 40. Overplucked brows instantly age your face. A fuller, softer brow helps to give the illusion of lifting the face. Think of your cosmetics as your wardrobe – update your look. Consider letting go of the eye makeup and lip colors you’ve worn for years.


50s +


Moisturizer. Layer it on – be consistent and generous. Cleanse, hydrate with a toner, layer a serum underneath your moisturizer. As in your 40’s, continue to stimulate collagen production with inner and outer products. Keep skin cells renewing with retinol serums and dull skin revitalized with dual acid peels.

SECRET WEAPON – Hydration. Sleeping in a Hydration Mask 2-3x week will help to plump the skin and keep it looking soft.

Choose a cream formula foundation over powder. They provide a more hydrated look without settling into fine lines. Enhance your natural features and keep the look clean. Add a pop of color to your cheeks for a youthful glow.




Jodi Sullivan (owner), Leslie Corts (artist), Carol Grubbs (artist)

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