May 15, 2018 How to Win in a Competitive Market.

How to Choose a Mortgage Lender Who Will Help You Win in a Competitive Real Estate Market.

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When it comes to competing in a hot Seller’s Market, you need to make sure you have the very best team in your corner – people who will help you have an edge over the competition. A Seller’s Market is loosely defined as limited inventory, which ultimately results in numerous Buyers competing for the same property. This can cause bidding wars and may leave a Buyer disappointed time and again. You’ll want to give yourself a competitive edge by first choosing the right Lender. Here are a few tips to help you find the right Loan Officer partner:

1. Go Local!

You’ll want to make sure your Loan Officer has a firsthand knowledge of the surrounding community – and a respected familiarity and working relationship with local Realtors®. A Loan Officer who is a member of the community has inherent credibility and will be invaluable when Sellers and their agents are reviewing multiple offers and comparing financing providers. If you want the ease and convenience of a fully automated online experience, don’t let that hold you back. A strong, local company will have the same technology that distant, digital lending empires advertise. If your Loan Officer’s name has become synonymous with fair lending practices and superior service within the local Real Estate Community, you’ll for sure be ahead in the game.

2. Experience Matters

There are many things best learned through experience, and loans are one of them! You’ll want to choose someone who is famous for their seamless, transparent, and enjoyable Borrower experience. Plus, working with an experienced loan professional means challenges associated with your loan are more likely to be identified early, ensuring a smooth process and an easy path to the closing table. Always ask to see recommendations and referrals from previous customers to get an idea of the depth of knowledge a Loan Officer holds.

3. Cover All Bases

Some Lenders will issue a preapproval letter based on your credit score alone without ever seeing your income documentation, which may actually have pertinent information that can make or break your financing. Make sure your Lender reviews these documents thoroughly and will base your preapproval on your entire financial profile – not just the snapshot provided by your credit report. Failing to have an accurate preapproval can result in investing in services, such as appraisals, home inspections, and surveys, on a home you cannot even purchase. On the other hand, an accurate approval may allow you to find out that you can qualify for even more than you initially anticipated.

4. Get a Fast Pass Approval!

Now that you’ve found an experienced, local Lender, you’ll need to make sure your loan approval is rock solid before you begin shopping for a home. Gold Star Mortgage, one of the nation’s premier lenders, for example, has pioneered the FastPass Approval, which leaves no stone unturned and provides you with the greatest measure of confidence when you’re ready to start looking at houses. FastPass Approval is backed by complete underwriting of the loan file, with only property-related financing conditions remaining, such as the appraisal and clear title. This means you can buy with confidence and close on your home in record time. Both Real Estate Agents and Sellers love the security on these types of offers, therefore, having a FastPass Approval in hand can be the difference in your offer being accepted over another one!


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