May 22, 2018 Are You Market Ready?



ALL homeowners think their house is worth more than it is, and their hope is that they’ll make a big profit when they sell. That is why many sellers nudge that price even higher regardless of real world demand. If the price is too high, you risk being perceived as unrealistic and prospective buyers will pass right over your home. Based on studies, the first two weeks on the market are the most crucial to your success. You have one shot to grab buyers’ attention, so price it at or just below market value. With such high demand and low inventory as we are experiencing right now, if buyers see that your home is listed at a “good and fair” price, today’s highly informed buyer will likely sense they are getting a deal and often bid up a property. If the price is right, you will ultimately sell your home quicker and make more money.


Staging can help you sell your home much quicker and possibly for a higher price! The way you live in your home is much different than how you market your house and, since 90% of buyers cannot visualize your house beyond what you show them, staging your home helps potential buyers mentally “move” into your house. Some people confuse staging a home with decorating a home. In fact, they are quite different. Decorating a home involves tailoring your rooms to uniquely present the individual you to the world – your personality, your interests, your passions. With staging a home, however, the goal is to present your home in a way that others can see themselves and their unique personality, interests, and passions living within the walls of your house.


Sellers only have one chance to make an unforgettable first impression with potential buyers. A well maintained home exterior and lawn is just as important as the interior of the home. Curb appeal can often help make or break a deal. It’s important to spend some extra time revitalizing the exterior – including the front porch and landscaping – to breathe fresh life into the property. Adding beautiful bright flowers, trimming the shrubbery and keeping a manicured lawn will only help increase the value of the home and bring a buyer in no time!




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